Guerlain L’or vs YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer vs YSL Top Secret Instant Moisture Glow

It’s been a long time since my last post before gave birth to my second child, Ingrid. I took my maternity leave longer than average people, didn’t I? Too much excitement with baby number two, kind of making her my own princess haha. 

So for this ‘coming back’ post, I would like to talk about my favourite primers. Yes,  I have a lot of primers because I have dry and sensitive skin so a good primer really does magic to my makeup. In fact, I have more primers than foundations.

Okay, let’s begin. 


These three primers are high-end primers that worth to buy if you have budget and really want to invest in some primers. 

First, my everyday ‘Go-To’ Primer: Guerlain L’or


I admit that the first time I saw it I was sceptical. I mean, wow, is that gold really gonna do something to your face? or is it just gonna sit there like a big chunk of glitter that makes you look like someone who tries so hard to look dewy? One day, I couldn’t resist my curiosity any longer to try these primers, especially after I saw Tati Westbrook channel on Youtube. I mean, come on, I almost always can rely on her review and we have the same skin type! Almost all the things that she raved, I want to try and prove it by myself. 

Guerlain claimed that this primer gonna hydrate and smooth your skin while enhancing its radiance. Making it a perfect makeup canvas.

From my personal experience this primer does hydrate and make my skin glow-like really glow from within, but it doesn’t show any smoothing ability. Because I don’t really have any problem with skin texture, this is not a big deal for me, as the hydrate and glow effect really fulfil my expectation, so far, no other primers can give me such glow. 

From the packaging, we know immediately that this primer is not cheap. It has a sturdy glass bottle, simple yet elegant with the gold flakes sparkling from the inside. 

The texture is really runny, you only need one pump to cover your whole face. It does contain alcohol and fragrance, but It doesn’t smell awful like old lady fragrance, in fact, it smells fresh and really boost my mood in the morning. 

I use it for my daily makeup, pair it with my NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser. the tinted moisturiser doesn’t do anything special except it’s really good for daily use. unfortunately, I can’t use it alone without hydrating primer because somehow it’s too dry for some areas on my face. With this Guerlain L’or, I can use ALL my daily complexion makeup without those dryness problems and plus THE GLOW! Really love the glow. I can’t describe what kind of glow but my friend once asked me “Do you use makeup or your skincare really work that good because your skin looks dewier than days before.”

And I knew it’s the glow from the Guerlain L’or because I haven’t changed my skincare routine for the last six months.

Second primer, the one I always reach when I want to use heavy makeup and I need to look super flawless but still have some glow. The YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer. 

YSL Touch Eclat Blur Primer.JPG

First time I saw it, I knew it’s gonna work that good because it’s YSL. Almost all YSL complexion makeups never fail me. So when I tried it, I fall in love right away. It gave me the most flawless complexion with only one and a half pump. The gold flakes disappear when it touches your skin. And your makeup gonna blend without too much effort. 

So if you want something that makes you super flawless but still glow, use this primer. But you have to remember one thing, it doesn’t mattify, so I wouldn’t recommend this to someone who needs mattifying primer to use alone.

The third primer, also my holy grail, I always reach this when my skin sensitivity come back and I need to use makeup. This primer hydrates like no other primer. The YSL Top Secret Instant Moisture Glow. It has different packaging form the other two, and the texture also different. It has a balmy texture that gonna remind you of MUFE smoothing primer or Benefit Porefessional but stickier.

YSL Top Secret Instant Moisture Glow

I only need a really small amount of product to cover my face (especially the sensitive area around my nose and lip), this help to soothe the sensitivity and on the other hand, it prevents my makeups from cracking at the nasolabial area. 

Guerlain Lor VS YSL

Guerlain VS YSL 2

All these three primers make my makeup looks flawless and like a second skin in a different way. By making it dewier, smoother and dewy at the same time, or by hydrate it when my skin acting up. These three, I am gonna recommend to all my dry skin fellas.  

But, you need to be extra careful with the ingredients, what’s work for me might not gonna work for you. I know some people who can’t tolerate gold, fragrance, or silicone. You need to know your skin before you trust someone’s review. Good luck with your adventure looking for primers! Seriously you need to compare your makeup when you use primer and without primer. And tell me, what difference does it make? 

Thank you for reading! See you in my next post 🙂

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